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"Any time the voltage 'over here' is different than the voltage 'over there,' current will flow." - H. Ward Silver

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Rail Signaling Upgrade 'Could Be Hacked to Cause Crashes'

Babies As Young As 6 Months Using Mobile Media

Undersea GPS Could Guide Submerged Drones in the Deep

House Committee Asks FCC for Documents Related to Proposed Enforcement Bureau Closures (how can Gov't be short on $$$ with all the taxes it collects?)

Tear Down: The Propagating Plane Wave

Metamaterials Shine Bright as New Terahertz Source

Chinese Mobile App Used for Hiring Thugs to Beat up People

Huge Reduction of Heat Conduction Observed in Flat Silicon Channels

Pentagon’s New Cyber Strategy Cites U.S. Ability to Retaliate

Indium GaAs on Insulator Transistors with Buried Yttrium Oxide

Iron Fluoride to Triple Energy Storage?

Pseudoparticle Discovery Spotlights Energy Conversion Processes for Photovoltaics

Google Sets up Own Mobile Network

Lab Making Star Trek's Transparent Armor a Reality

Raytheon to Provide Submarine SATCOM Antennas

Radio Royalty Bill Reintroduced

NI AWR App Note Load-Pull to
Design WB High-Efficiency PA

Application Note Demonstrates NI AWR Design Environment Load-Pull Technology for the Design of Wideband High-Efficiency PAs - RF CafeNI (formerly AWR Corporation) announces a new application note titled “Using NI AWR Design Environment Load-Pull Simulation for the Designer of Wideband High-Efficiency PAs” that explores the design of PAs leveraging load-pull technology within NI AWR Design Environment™ software, specifically that of Microwave Office. Using a Cree CGH40010F gallium nitride high-electron mobility transistor in a Class F PA at 2000 MHz as the example circuit, the application note details how power-added efficiency is maximized by optimizing source and load pull at the fundamental frequency, plus second and third

Example Engineer's Resumes:
Career and Job Advice

Engineering Career Advice Articles for April 20, 2015: Resumes - RF CafeThis week's collection of engineering career advice articles includes a few sample resumes as provided by Kim Isaacs, the 'resume expert' at Monster. Having been out of the job search market myself for over a decade, I don't even know what is expected anymore, but Ms. Isaacs believes that she does (and she's probably right).. As always, caveat emptor when heeding advice - especially potentially life changing advice - from strangers.

- Qualities Every Employer
   Wants in a Job Candidate
- Sample Resume for an Entry-
   Level Electrical Engineer
- Sample Resume for Midlevel
   Electrical Engineer <more>

MECA Electronics Intros
Low PIM 10 Watt Terminations

MECA Electronics Intros Low PIM 10 Watt Terminations - RF CafeFeaturing our NEW (line) of 10 Watt Low-PIM Terminations, with industry leading performance of:

* -175 dBc Typical to
    <-165 dBc (2 x 5 Watt)
* -165 dBc Typical to <-155
    dBc (2x20 Watt tones,
     additional heat sink
, while handling
    full rated power to +85°C.
* All Terminations cover
    380 MHz to 2.700 GHz
* VSWR = 1.10:1 Typ / 1.20:1
    Max. (0.698-2.700 GHz)
* VSWR=1.15:1 Typ / 1.25:1
    Max. (0.380-0.698 GHz)
* 7/16 DIN, Type N, & 4.1/9.5

Made in USA and 36-month warranty!

Author: Kirt Blattenberger on Google+ Author:
Kirt Blattenberger

Empower RF Conducting Live
Demos at MTT-S IMS 2015

Empower RF Conducting Live Demonstrations at MTT-S IMS 2015 - RF CafeEmpower RF Systems is once again conducting live demonstrations of broadband, high power amplifiers with compelling performance, industry leading small size, and user interface / functionality that dares to challenge legacy products offered in the market. Next appearing at MTT-S IMS 2015 in Phoenix, AZ, we will be showcasing our 1 to 3 GHz, 1 kW HPA in a 5U chassis. This is an extraordinary design which includes an integrated (internal) dual directional coupler and instrument

Saelig Introduces Pre-
Compliance EMC Probe Kits

Saelig Introduces Pre-Compliance EMC Probe Kits - RF CafeSaelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of the TBPS01-TBWA2 EMC Probe Kit, which includes investigative near-field probes and a wideband amplifier to increase the versatility of economical spectrum analyzers to identify EMC issues. The economical TBPS01-TBWA2 EMC Probe Kit consists of four rubber-handled near-field probes (three H-field and one E-field), a 20 dB or a 40 dB wideband amplifier, and associated cables, supplied in an attractive wooden case. The shielded probes have built-in ferrites and insulated rubber handles to insure that measurements are insensitive to the human hand. The H- or E-field probes are useful for detecting radiated 

Anatech's April Newsletter

Anatech Electronics April 2015 Newsletter - RF CafeAnatech Electronics, a manufacturer of RF and microwave filters, has published its April 2015 newsletter. As always, it includes both company news and some tidbits about relevant industry happenings. This month, Sam Benzacar reports on the progress of the worldwide LTE rollout, the status of VoLTE (Voice over LTE ), and the DoD's efforts to reduce the cost of electronic systems acquisition (particularly EW). He also discusses how to handle a growing number of frequency bands that need to be accommodated by cell tower base stations

Electronics-Themed Comics

Electronics Themed Comics, June 1945 Radio Craft - RF CafeHere are a couple more comics from magazines of the days of yore. Radio-Craft readers submitted ideas for funnies and then artist Frank Beaven would draw the comics based on their ideas. Some months had no comics, and some had as many as half a dozen. This month had two. There is also one from the May 1946 Radio News. Enjoy.

A Corporation as an Expert
Witness? IMS ExpertServices

A Corporation as an Expert Witness? by IMS ExpertServices - RF CafeThis article by attorney Joshua Fruchter, writing for IMS ExpertServices, reports on a case where the defendant sought to declare a corporation as a qualified 'expert' witness, thereby hoping to draw on the collective authority of an entire pool of knowledge that would be, if permitted, virtually unassailable. Since the plaintiff was an individual, surely his personal credentials could not approach that of a pool of professionals at a public corporation employing maybe thousands. It would be like me challenging the electrical engineering department staff at MIT about the precision of the value of a charge on an electron. Interestingly,  

Radio Amateur Course
-Vacuum Tubes -

Radio Amateur Course, October 1935 Short Wave Craft - RF CafeJust the other day I was using the familiar analogy that relates water pressure, hose diameter, and flow rate to electrical voltage, resistance, and current, respectively, in an explanation to my daughter regarding why the water flow rate in her rebuilt house (original burned down a year ago) is not what it was in her original house. The cause, I surmise, is due to use of the plastic PEX tubing which has a smaller inside diameter than the old copper pipe. The submersible pump and holding tank supply the same 50 psi as before, but since that pressure now has to force the water through a path inside the house that has more resistance to the water flow, the delivery rate to fixtures is now lower. When I hold the contacts closed

The Electrician's Trade
Demystified! - A Review by Moi

The Electrician's Trade Demystified - RF CafeThe Electrician's Trade Demystified!, by David Herres, is, per the cover's claim, "Everything an aspiring electrician NEEDS to KNOW." That is a pretty bold claim for a book of 250 pages when considering how wide AND deep the field of electrical tradesmanship really is. However, because of the way in which David approaches the subject, I am convinced that within reasonable constraints of expectations, the book does an excellent job at informing an aspiring electrician with everything he needs to know. How can I corroborate the assertion, you might ask? Simple. There is no attempt to cover every chapter word by word or to impart a comprehensive knowledge of every topic to the reader. Instead, all chapters are addressed in terms of what kind of material is contained, how it is arranged, what material should be memorized by every electrician, and how the table of contents and

RF and Microwave Engineering:
Fundamental Wireless Comms

RF and Microwave Engineering: Fundamentals of Wireless Communications - RF CafeRF and Microwave Engineering: Fundamentals of Wireless Communications, by Frank Gustrau, discusses a wide range of RF topics with emphasis on physical aspects, including EM and voltage waves, transmission lines, passive circuits, antennas. New coverage includes the consistent use of modern RF tools such as RF circuit simulation, EM simulation, computerized smith chart in various examples that show how the methods can be applied productively in RF engineering practice. Examples that illustrate the theoretical parts are close to real world problems, so readers can directly use the methods in their own work context

Notable Tech Quote Domain Available

J. Scott Evans, Adobe (PLI photo) - RF Cafe"I told my people the best way not to get included is not to suck." he says. ­ New .Sucks Internet Domain: Extortion Or Free Speech? - J. Scott Evans, associate general counsel at Adobe Systems, in response to whether his company would succumb to what some consider extortion with the issuance of ".sucks" domain extensions. The extension, which some malicious SOP (son-of-a-pup) with too much money to spend could use to buy "," would cost as much as $2,500 per year.

Lafayette Chassis Model B-100
Radio Service Data Sheet

Lafayette Chassis Model B-100 (Table Model B-103; Console Models B-101, B-102) Radio Service Data Sheet, August 1941 Radio-Craft - RF CafeThe Radio Service Data Sheets that were published in Radio-Craft usually seem to have more information included than those published in other magazines, at least in the same era (1940-ish). It might have to do with how much material is provided by the manufacturer rather than a decision by the magazine editors. Anyway, here are the schematics, chassis layout, and service info for the Lafayette Model B-100 through B-103. Believe it or not, there are still people searching for such data.

Decibel Level vs. Decibel Gain

Decibel Level vs. Decibel Gain - RF CafeArithmophobia (a real word) is likely the root cause of of decibelphobia (that one's made up), a condition that causes some otherwise rational people to curl in the fetal position in an attempt to avoid the topic. As with most subjects, the more often you engage in using a term, the more comfortable you become with it. Technicians and engineers who deal in voltage and power levels in terms of dividing quantities or transmitting them from one location to another would find conversation and writing without the use of decibels quite inconvenient. It is tempting to point out that using decibel units to express ratios or relative levels, thereby permitting use of simple addition and subtraction rather than multiplication and division, respectively, is no different than using logarithms to

A New Crop of RF & Microwave
Articles is Ready

RF & Microwave Engineering Articles for April 23, 2015 - RF CafeA new crop of articles on RF and microwave topics has been posted online by our industry's contemporary magazine publishers. Just as the hard copies arrive in our mailboxes at different times each month, so too do the online versions. We are treated to the usual mix of narrowly focused expositions on specific applications like "Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter with Ultra-Wide Stopband Using a Modified Circular Resonator," as contrasted to ones covering broader subjects such as "Cut the Defense Budget? Sure, No Worries." A general rule of thumb seems to be the longer the title, the more specific the article. They're all worth reading, but alas, busy schedules limit most of us

Send Me Your Press Releases!

Send Me Your Press Releases! - RF CafeThere is a very easy - and FREE - way for you to get your company's products and services in front of RF Cafe visitors: Press Releases. Serving between 7,000 and 10,000 pages each weekday provides a valuable amount of exposure to people like you - serious engineers, technicians, students, and hobbyists. If your company makes products that I deem relevant to my readership, I will gladly post your press release, company news, product announcements, etc. Please send the information, along with images (or links to online images), hyperlinks to featured product pages, contact information, an About Us statement, and other such content usually associated with press releases. I do

Fairview Unveils New Portfolio
of Electromech Relay Switches

Fairview Microwave Unveils Brand New Portfolio of Electromechanical Relay Switches - RF CafeFairview Microwave, a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, debuts a completely new portfolio of electromechanical relay switches that cover ultra-broadband and millimeter-wave frequencies up to 40 GHz. These high-reliability coaxial RF switches are guaranteed to perform up to 2 to 10 million life cycles, which make them an ideal solution for demanding industries and applications related to defense and commercial aviation, radar, wireless communications, satellite communications, test and measurement and many

Crossword Puzzle from
a 1963 Electronics World

Electronic Crosswords, October 1963 Electronics World - RF CafeThis crossword puzzle appeared in the October 1963 edition of Electronics World. About half the words used are related directly in some way to electronics or physics. My RF Cafe crosswords, BTW, have 100% of the words directly related to the sciences. Enjoy.

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