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2 New Titles Available to RF Cafe Book
Drawing Winners! Watch Your E-Mail !

RF Positioning: Fundamentals, Applications, and Tools - RF CafeEach month I randomly select one or two people from my e-mail inbox who are entered for the FREE book drawing (I pay the shipping cost from my ever-thinning The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas - RF Cafewallet). To date I have shipped over 120 books that are typically valued at over $100 each; all are recently released volumes by top engineering publishers like Artech House and Cambridge University Press. These two titles have been added for the September drawing:
- RF Positioning: Fundamentals,
    Applications, and Tools (GNSS
    Technology and Applications)

- The Art and Science of
    UUltrawideband Antennas

RCA T&M Equipment Advertisement

RCA Advertisement, December 1947 Radio News - RF CafeJust as the test and measurement equipment manufactures scrambled to produce lines of spectrum, network and communications analyzers, oscilloscopes, power meters, electromagnetic field sensors, and many other types of products specifically for the cellphone and Wi-Fi industries, companies were scrambling to provide for the needs of FM radio and television development labs and production lines. This 1947 advertisement from Radio Corporation of America (RCA) is an example that appeared in Radio News magazine. In fact, TV was so new that just a few months later, in September of 1948, editor Hugo Gernsback changed the publication's name to Radio and Television News. BTW, did you even know RCA made ...

Featured Book: Essentials of RF
and Microwave Grounding

Essentials of RF and Microwave Grounding - RF CafeEssentials of RF and Microwave Grounding, by Eric Holzman, Grounding is a widespread and serious problem in microwave and RF engineering and, up until now, there hasn't been a practical, authoritative resource dedicated to the topic. This first-of-its-kind volume offers professionals a comprehensive understanding of the proper grounding techniques to use when working on varied microwave circuit and antenna design projects. Practitioners learn what problems can occur when grounding design is inadequate, and how to avoid them. The book covers a wide range of critical topics, from the fundamentals of low frequency circuit theory and the differences between DC and RF short grounding in active microwave component design and ...

Measuring Inductance and Capacity

Measuring Inductance and Capacity, June 1931 Radio-Craft - RF CafeThis reactance measuring bridge circuit employs a very unique element for generating an alternating current: an electromechanical buzzer which doubles as an audio source. Sure, it doesn't produce a pure sinewave, but for the method used here to determine inductance and capacitance it does not matter. Rather than attempting to measure an absolute value of inductance or capacitance, a known reactance is used as part of a balanced bridge. This is by no means a precision instrument since accuracy depends on the user's interpretation of the presence or absence of an audible 'buzz' in a pair of headphones, but in an era when 'real' test equipment was beyond the budgets of many (maybe most) hobbyists, the scheme was better ...

Author: Kirt Blattenberger on Google+ Author:
Kirt Blattenberger

4 More Radio Service Data Sheets
Added to the Rapidly Growing List

RCA Victor Portable Table Electrola Model R-95 Radio Service Data Sheet, July 1936 Radio-Craft - RF CafeAt least for now, I am going to only scan and post schematics & parts lists like the ones listed below, rather than use OCR (optical character recognition) software on them to separate the textual content. There are still many people who restore and service these vintage radios, and often it can be difficult or impossible to find schematics and/or tuning information. I will keep a running list of all data sheets to facilitate a search.

- RCA Victor Portable Table Electrola
   Model R-95
- Atwater Kent Model 305Z 5-Tube
   32 V. D.C. Superhet
- Kadette Jewel Model 40 Chassis
   3-Tube Ultra-Midget Receivers
   Models 41, 43, 44 and 48
- General Electric Model N-60 6-Tube
   Auto Superheterodyne

Carl & Jerry: Gold Is Where You Find It

Carl and Jerry: Gold Is Where You Find It, April 1956 Popular Electronics - RF CafeYou can buy a pretty good metal detector today for a hundred dollars that will find coins buried many inches deep and larger metallic items even deeper, and you even get discriminator functions to filter out unwanted objects like tin cans. They weigh just a couple pounds and can be used with one arm. Compare that to early metal detectors that had huge induction coils on a frame so heavy that shoulder straps were needed just to lug them around. Some models came on wheels for pushing or pulling like a cart. You could plan to spend a few hundred dollars (a thousand or more in today's dollars) for one. Even then, they were not as sophisticated as the $50 models sold in Walmart now. In classic fashion, teen electronics hobbyists Carl and Jerry use their technical prowess to design and build their own metal detector and then unintentionally using it to convince ...

Bell Labs Ad: Test Tube for Sound

Test Tube for Sound Bell Labs Advertisement, December 1947 Radio News - RF CafeA lot of people like to demean engineers and scientists for their propensity to want to conduct experiments and obtain measured, empirical data rather than 'winging it' and being satisfied with 'intuitive' knowledge or the contemporarily popular term 'gut.' If mankind had not adopted scientific methods and ventured beyond the 'cradle of civilization' on the African continent, we would all still be living in grass huts, hurling rocks at prey, and foraging for berries. Quantifying and categorizing all things in nature helps inventors create new and improved implements that help make life better. Early on it was mostly individuals like Archimedes, Euler, Newton, and Edison who built the pool of knowledge that fed and evolved into corporations, governments, and universities doing the vast majority of the work. Bell Laboratories is probably one of ...

Ransom Olds' Historical Site
Now a NAPA Auto Parts Store

Ransom Olds' Birthplace Now a NAPA Auto Parts Store - RF CafeI receive very little feedback overall on RF Cafe content. Surprisingly, though, the 'Day in History' feature on the homepage generates the most e-mails either due to a typo by me or someone commenting on a particular item. It's nice to know they're read. Website visitor Steve Gilbert just wrote regarding Oldsmobile founder Ransom E. Olds' entry from August 26. Says Steve, "Ransom Olds was born just a few blocks away from where your friends at Tegam have their business located in Geneva, Ohio. Fittingly the site of Ransom Olds' birthplace is today an auto parts store." A quick Google search turned up a historical marker located on Old's property, and it gave the GPS coordinates. Plugging those into Google Maps placed me right at the spot, and then a Street View ...

More About "Man-Made" Static

More About "Man-Made" Static, May 1930 Radio-Craft - RF CafeManmade electrical noise (QRM) and natural electrical noise (QRN) has been the nemesis of communications - both wired and wireless - since the first signals were sent. While it is true that over the last century the amount of 'background' noise has increased significantly, the ability of modern circuits to deal with (reject) it and/or accommodate (error correction) it has pretty much kept up with the advancement. You might be tempted to think that 'back in the good old days' such problems did not exist, but operators were plagued by poorly designed and inadequately filtered transmitters as well as really deficient electrical service installation that spewed noise from transformers, inadequately grounded transmission lines, lousy connections, ...

Empower RF Systems Patent Approval
"Combiner for an RF Power Amplifier"

Empower RF Systems Patent Approval "Combiner for an RF Power Amplifier" - RF CafeUnited States Patent 9,093,731 B2, recently awarded to Empower RF Systems, validates the uniqueness of the hardware architecture in use on Empower's high power, next generation amplifiers. The embodiments of this patent protection are related to the design, associated materials, and integration of the high power combiner that is integral to delivering multi-kW broadband power (CW) and narrow band pulse in an air cooled, 5U chassis (and other combinations of power and chassis sizes utilizing this architecture). "We are pleased to receive this additional recognition and patent protection for our next generation amplifiers," said Jon Jacocks, CEO. "This is a second award this year that is specific to our next ...

WiSilica Launches Smart Environment
Platform for a More Intelligent IoT

WiSilica Launches Smart Environment Platform Focused on a More Intelligent Internet of Things - RF CafeWiSilica, the smart environment enabler creating a more intelligent IoT, has launched an end-to-end solution for connecting millions of devices that can understand their environment and use predictive intelligence to improve the user experience, reduce cost and improve efficiency. Taking advantage of the existing smartphone ecosystem and WiSilica's proprietary mesh networking technology, the WiSe platform enables customers to easily configure smart homes, buildings, lighting, sensors and wearables into intelligent devices that they can manage via mobile apps and in the cloud. "WiSilica provides customers with the building blocks and framework to create complete smart IoT environments," ...

MECA Intros 6 GHz RF Attenuators

MECA Intros 6 GHz RF Attenuators - RF CafeMECA is pleased to announce the addition to our 662 series, 2 watt SMA attenuators operating now up to 6 GHz! The 662-dB-1F6 series attenuators cover all wireless applications from Hz – 6.0 GHz and available in standard values of 3, 6, 10, 20 & 30 dB. And as always made is USA carrying MECA's 36 month warranty ...

NI AWR: ADF 2015 China - Agendas
Finalized and Registration Opened

NI AWR: ADF 2015 China - Agendas Finalized and Registration Opened - RF CafeNI (formerly AWR Corporation) announces that the agenda has been set and registration opened for the AWR Design Forum 2015 (ADF) in Chengdu, China on Wednesday, Sept. 16 and in Nanjing, China on Friday, Sept. 18. Celebrating its fifth year, ADF is an open forum that brings together NI AWR software customers, partners and microwave/RF engineering professionals to learn, network and collaborate on the design of today's microwave and RF circuits and systems. Highlights of ADF include technical presentations featuring NI AWR Design Environment™, select customer and keynote presentations and live demonstrations/exhibition area. The presentations slated for ADF 2015 Chengdu and Nanjing ...

Keysight Technologies Offers
IMS2015 MicroApps CD

Keysight Technologies Offers IMS2015 MicroApps CD  - RF CafeThe MicroApps program at the annual International Microwave Symposium (IMS2015) contained nearly 80 presentations covering the hottest topics in RF/uW. If you missed this important event, the presentation slides are now available compliments of Keysight Technologies. Order your official IMS2015 MicroApps CD while supplies last. Here's the catalog of titles/abstracts, download this to "See What's Inside".